Student Portfolio

Teaching Philosophy – Students are in school to be trained and challenged.  Meeting young artists at this phase in their journey is an honor and I meet it with great respect.  The mentors and instructors that have guided and challenged me through my process are forever remembered.  I meet the student where they are and take into consideration the diversity of cultural backgrounds, I challenge them and assist them in taking their skills to the next level.  Within beginning classes I support them with a firm and guided hand, allowing for mistakes and encouraging them in order to progress.  Pushing any medium as far as it can go ultimately results in an educational learning process.   When teaching ceramics there are many rules that need to be considered within the craft.  As the student becomes more advanced I encourage them to push the envelope.

Instructing students through the path of the creative process is two parts.  Guiding them through both the conceptual phase of art making and increasing their “toolbox” of craft knowledge for creating. During critiques I encourage all to participate and be open to dialog with the group.  When there is hesitation, I ask the student direct questions that include them within the discussion.  Practicing art after all is the result of good dialogue and the investigation of the idea behind the craftsmanship.